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Play of fate

July 24, 2012

Photo: Photolure

The format and tactics of announcements about nomination of prosperous Armenia party candidate Samvel Balasanyan in Gyumri shows that the PA tends to be an alternative power. Earlier it was reported that Samvel Balasanyan had visited the president’s office, which was followed by an announcement on the part of the PA party to endorse Balasanyan’s candidacy for Gyumri’s mayoral election. In fact this is the formula, based on which the relations between the RPA and PA parties are built. Whatever the PA does to imitate it doing something different, the decision-maker is the president’s administration, and in fact the president’s team is the one to decide whether the PA should nominate a candidate for high rank positions. That is the reason why the PA’s chairman Gagik Tsarukyan did not want to nominate MP Martun Grigoryan for the mayor’s position, but Savel Balasanyan, a former member of the Legal State party (there was time he used to announce that the sign of Legal State... [full story]


Civilitas foundation director Salbi Ghazaryan: “The more this case is prolonged, the more we will be sure that it is politically motivated”

- On July 17 the National security Service called Karine Haurtyunyan, a member of the Civilitas foundation’s board, to give testimony. What questions was she asked? - She was asked about our financial affairs, but as she had just recently joined the board, in February, she did not have much to say. That’s all. - What was the goal of questioning her? - You have to ask the investigators. It is a good question, but unfortunately I don’t know. - On July 18 the head of the government’s state incomes committee Gagik Khachatryan signed an order stating that the check-up in the foundation would be delayed for ten consecutive days. What is the reason? - They say that time was not enough for them to complete their work. But I believe the reason is the fact that there is nothing to find in our organization as we have been maximum transparent and clean. Generally the authorities started the process from the other end: in the beginning they decided that a criminal case has to be launched, later...

Business & Economy

Jumping up and down

If nothing noteworthy happens in the economy of Armenia, the foreign currency fluctuations will be a permanent topic of discussions in media. After a rapid growth, in the end of the week the national currency started falling down. Since July 9 the average rate of USD (according to the CB) has fallen down from 418.64 to 411 drams. If this process continues, in two weeks the exchange rate will fall down to the level before the elections – 391 drams. It is difficult to figure out what the reason of these fluctuations is. The main factor discussed for inflation of the national currency was elections. The capacity of cash flow out of the Central Bank was significantly increased, resulting in inflation of the national currency. During the period of May 4 – June 20 the price of US dollar rapidly grew from 391 to 420 drams. With some minor fluctuations the exchange rate continued to be around the mentioned limits till July 7. One of the reasons of inflation of the national currency was also named the fact...


“Sevan lake future fatal”

Interview with the director of For the Sustainable Development NGO Karine Danielyan


Khosrov reserve facing danger

Days ago Ecolur NGO received an alert call that the construction of a restaurant in Gilan reserve of Khostov forest had been continuing. Let us remember that the construction was on hold for awhile due to the efforts of the environmentalists. In order to find out the actual situation we visited Gilan reserve with the chair of the organization Inga Zarafyan. What a paradise… Perhaps Khosrov II Kotak King would never imagine that 17 centuries later in the forest established by him the current “elite” of Armenia would initiate a construction of a restaurant complex. The forest established by Khosrov II in 330-338 AD gained a status of a state reserve only in 1958. The reserve was created to improve and enrich the fauna and flora of the forest. It occupies approximately 27.000 hectares of land and is stretched along the south-western side of Geghama mountain chain. The Armenian moufflon (wild sheep) is the most commonly seen animal there and the goat of bezoar. Among the birds we mostly see the...


Turkey’s new playing card

The relations between Turkey and Syria, more accurately, Bashar al Assad’s regime, have reached to the extreme tension level. As it’s known on June 22, the Turkish Phantom recon jet, which took off from Turkish Erkhach, Malatia military base, in one and half hours disappeared from the view of Turkish radars on the border with Syria in the area of Mediterranean sea. After that the foreign affairs ministry of Syria stated that the air defense of Syria had destroyed an airplane in its territorial waters, because it had violated the air space of Syria. On June 24, the foreign affairs minister of Turkey Ahmed Davudoghlu stated that the Turkish jet was destroyed without a notification in the neural air space and added that Turkey had applied to the fourth article of NATO charter, according to which the NATO member states should hold a working meeting when one of the member states is being attacked or is under threat of attack. When writing about this, the American New York Times observes that Davutoghlu...


“There is nothing that is not or will not be there”

- In Armenia the same archaic method of granting academic degrees without actual academic investment continues. We have numerously mentioned that education is first of all politics. It is the weapon of rectifying the role of each person in the state. - Not having science is equal to not having weapon and armament on the battlefield although the science is being bargained and especially in the field of politics. During the years of the Cold War, and in my opinion it still continues, big powerful states are establishing special scientific directions. The goal is to divert the countries from their main directions and objectives. The enemy state was thriving to this direction and policy. They’d survey, spend money and then realize that no results have been achieved. And now in the world science there is a middle level, where talented scientists are included. Their work is being monitored by educational centers of powerful states. We first of all mean the scientists of the third world, including Armenia. After...


Passion for Technology and Global Focus are Characteristic to Armenia

Mr. Kevin Syvrud, VP, Human Resources at Synopsys, Inc. was in Armenia last week. Along with his other business tasks he conducted “Crucial Conversation” training class for Synopsys Armenia managers. Mr. Syvrud was really excited about the training because he is impacting managers to be more effective, to get better results. Synopsys Armenia PR Manager Gayane Markosyan caught up with him for a small talk. - Is this your first visit to Armenia or have you visited Armenia before? - I only visited Armenia for one day before, it was early February of last year, so just a quick story on that is we did a switch in Synopsys HR and I became responsible for Armenia because I had all the other countries, so I came and visited the team. Unfortunately my timing was not good, it was a day that people were off, it was I think an internal holiday, so I didn’t get to meet as many people as I would have liked. - How many times in a year do you visit other locations? - It’s a good question. Once or...



Armenian education in virtual environment, everywhere and any time

Modern information and communication technologies allow us to transcend all limitations of time and distance. All these technological features are being used by the Armenian Virtual College (AVC), the learning institute of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) The goal of AVC is to establish education opportunities for all Armenians worldwide. The founding director of the Armenian Virtual College, Yervant Zorian said in a conversation with us that only 5% of Armenian children living out of Armenia have an opportunity to attend Armenian schools, which means there is a lack of Armenian education outside of Armenia. “The virtual college helps to keep the Armenian culture and language as it enables all Armenians in different corners of the world to have access to virtual classes,” said Y. Zorian. The AVC is currently comprised of three departments – Armenian language, Armenian history and Armenian culture. “Technological development enables us to implement virtual education, which...


In Memory of Ric Chashoudian

Richard M. Chashoudian, professional handler, breeder, mentor, judge, writer and sculptor, passed away on Sept. 19, 2011, at the age of 80. Born in 1931, Ric got his first Airedale Terrier when he was just 12 years old. Registered Ric’s Lucky Boy, the Airedale and his young owner earned a CD title in obedience and Ric came to the attention of several of the prominent dog men of the day. His second Airedale, Roy-El Tiger Lily, became Ric’s first owner-handled champion. At age 15, he won his first Specialty Best in Show with her. His destiny seemed set then and there, and two years later, in 1948, Ric won his first all-breed Best In Show, also with an Airedale. Over his 60-plus years in dogs, Ric Chashoudian won more than 500 all-breed Best In Shows, most with Terriers, but also with Brussels Griffons, Bichons Frisés and Irish Setters. His most prestigious win was earned in 1976 when he piloted the Lakeland Terrier, CH Jo-Ni’s Red Baron of Crofton, to the top spot at the 100th anniversary...

Books & Arts

“I like to dig into the nature of people” says painter Anna Navasardian

When looking at twenty two year old painter Anna Navasardian’s paintings (annanavasardian.com) the first impression is wonder. The depth of impression, cool colors, and the dramatic inner state of her characters are jarring, and you ask yourself “is it possible that the author of these paintings is so young?” Anna lives in the United States where she moved with her family at the age of one. She started painting when she was a child, attended high school for the arts, and later graduated from the College of Fine Art at Carnegie Mellon University. - So you knew what you wanted to do as a child? - I have always liked painting and sketching. I used anything available, markers, pens, etc. - You work on a relatively large scale. Do you have a lot to say? - You know why? Usually I prefer to paint people. On large canvases figures have more presence. More so, they become part of their environments. My purpose is not to describe the physical attributes of a person but to illuminate at least one moment...


50 Armenians according to ArArAt

On June 26, Dvin 50 festival took place in the Theatrical Art Studio of Moscow. During the event dedicated to the reproduction of Dvin 50 brand the organizers expressed their gratitude to the 50 famous Armenians of the world, who make their efforts to give a good reputation to their fatherland due to their activities. The 50 prominent Armenians that were identified during ArArAt survey represent culture, business, architecture, healthcare and political sectors of 20 countries of the world. Prior to the launch of the ceremony, the guests world drink cocktails made of Dvin cognac and would communicate with each other. The official ceremony kicked off by showcasing a film telling about the history and traditions of producing Dvin cognac. It was then followed by mono-description of moderator of the ceremony, actress Chulpan Khamatova. During the mono-reciting the actress told about the beauty and traditions of Armenia and its culture by reading the poems of Andrey Beli and Valeri Bryusov. Khamatova thanked the winners...


Our football players played brilliantly

“The whole nation was following the game of Armenian national team with the greatest attention. The national consolidation and great attention are the most valuable achievements irrespective of the results of the game. I don’t want to give evaluation to the outcome of the game, but I must say that our football players played brilliantly” stated RA President Serzh Sargsyan during the annual award in the sphere of IT technologies referring to the football match Armenia vs. Ireland and added: “Nobody could even dream about such a success two or three years ago. Professionals will always find their way, but it requires much effort, patience, persistence and purposefulness. I am sure we possess those features as a united entity, as Armenian nation. I am sure the awards you were given today may prove it the best, since you earned it due to honest and persistent work”....

Health Care

Dentistry should be developed in Armenia,- says doctor from Germany Octavian Fagaras

During these days Doctor Octavian Fagaras visited Armenia, who is a certified expert of DGOI (Association of Oral Implantologists of Germany), Diplomat of ICOI (International Congress of Implantologists) and authorized representative/trainer of German Bredent Medical company, who also has his own clinic in Romania. The visit of Dr. Fagaras to our country has the purpose to examine the sector of dentistry in Armenia and try to cooperate with the experts of dentistry in the country. After examining the sector of dentistry in Armenia Dr. Octavian Fagaras thinks that Armenian specialists have to develop the sector because still there is a lot to do in dentistry in Armenia. Armenia, as the other post-Soviet countries, is apart from the international developments technologies and permanent achievements in implantology. - When did you start cooperation with Armenian implantologists and what kind of programs are you going to implement with Armenia in the future? - I visited Armenia for the first time in 2010 by the...


Russian capital in Armenia: political or economic presence?

The “Pressing” club adjacent to “168 Zham” newspaper held a discussion on the topic of the presence of the Russian capital in Armenia. Namely, the discussion was focused on the issue whether the presence of the Russian capital has political reasons or no. The conductor of the discussion, economic analyst Ara Galoyan said that there had been many facts proving both the political presence and the economic presence and asked the participants whether such big share of presence of the Russian capital in Armenia is not dangerous. “I have the latest publication concerning the foreign investments in Armenia. The share of direct investments on the part of Russia during the period of January-June, 2007, grew by 3,8 times, and the indirect investments - by 24,4 times. How is such great growth possible in the Armenian economy just from the economic point of view? Is the reason the fact that our economy is small?” he asked. The president and general director of “ArmRusGazard”...

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